Had an interview with Irevna yesterday. Selection processes had a GD followed by interview. Did well in both.

Yesterday’s interview drove home two important points:

1. Importance of reasearch about company and industry

2. what companies usually look for is just smart MBAs

I will explain these in my next posts because I cannot disclose some details right now. Interview results will be out next week.

- Chanakya

(Jan 6, 2008) P.S. I have posted important tips here : http://chaitanyasagar.com/tell-me-about-yourself-no-not-that/

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9 Responses to Interview with Irevna

  1. N says:

    Any Info on why or why not Irevna for an MBA grad from a top 3 iim?
    ~urgently need this info…

  2. Chanakya says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Having been through the interview process, I can tell you what Irevna’s strengths were (in my limited view) and why I did not choose to join them. Please note that this opinion is dated (2 years old).

    All folks I met there were a happy lot. [Some folks I saw with in other companies had sleepy and unhappy faces. That IS a difference] Irevna’s employees I spoke to were happy that they have independence to work with clients. That they have been able to learn a lot (some mentioned that they can accompany their analyst clients to see top managements of companies in India). And that they got enuf pay.

    The thing I was happy about was their flexibility. They were willing to understand my constraints. After interviewed me, they were willing to go to lengths to get me in – I will interpret that as meritocracy. And they were prompt in responding to my questions. However, I did not join them because my short-term career goals were different from what Irevna could offer.

    Irevna or not is a matter of personal choice and compatibility of the company with your strengths. I am sure you understand this and I hope my response is useful to you. If there is anything I can help you with, you can get in touch with me. Good luck.


  3. Anonymous says:

    can tou tell me the questions they asked you in the interview?

  4. Chanakya says:

    The interview was conducted two years back. So I don’t remember all the questions. Broadly, the GD was aimed at figuring out candidates who can build concenses among candidates. And interview was about knowing you, your career aspirations, and why you would want to join them. I had an interview with one of their senior leaders in the company and he helped me clarify what it means to join their company vs some other company. Also he wanted to know why I wanted the role I was looking for.

    Good luck.


  5. Anonymous says:

    hi chanakya….
    can u please tell me the difference between IREVNA and any KPO??
    and do mention what the senior leader in the company explained u abt joining his company Vs any other company…..

  6. Fahad Jameel says:


    i too havin an Irevna placement drive in a few days…would like to know about the GD topics…are they too technical or more general ones…cud u guide me on that…a prompt reply would be life to me..



  7. Chanakya says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I had a generic topic. Not technical. But that is not an indication of what yours will be.


  8. nittish says:

    Hi, does irevna also recruit freshers or offer internship for their corporate services in the field of strategy and merger and acquisition ? what is the salary thats offered for mba freshers.

    ps: a request, kindly reply to mail id as well

  9. vivekss says:

    Do irevna recruit undergrads….I am currently pursuing my BE Industrial Engg…I am interested in analytic job….We learn Multivariate and stats as apart of our curriculum….So is that possible for us to get placed in irevna

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