I just bumped into Google Public Data and I love it.  It not just aggregates development data at one place (I knew that World Bank website has this info but is not as user friendly) but puts the data in powerful presentation layer that is only possible to show it that way using computing power. Office charts is primitive when compared to these charts.

I was exploring the data and put together some charts that I felt were insightful. Comments welcome!

1. India is not that unique in high growth.

  • Russia, Canada and Italy are growing as fast if not faster.

2. Srilanka has double the GDP Per Capita when compared to India

  • But has only 4% of India’s GDP

3. US grew wonderfully in the past 50 years

4. GDP Per Capita US Vs India. Man!

5. GDP US Vs India. No News!

6. World GDP is growing very well since year 2002!

7. Australia is growing very well – as much as India

8. Australia’s GDP Per Capita is doing wonderful in the past 8 years!

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