Lack of leadership in our society is recognized. Has our society done anything to groom future leaders? Let’s say it wants do something. What can it do? Will setting up an institute to teach leadership help(1)? Will class room training make a leader? Can you teach leadership?

As an individual, if you feel the urge to become a good leader and contribute at work or to the society, how should you improve leadership skills(4)? Should you read about leaders? Get a leader-mentor? Get a business degree (2)?

What is leadership? Is it vision? Is it ability to persuade? Is it being a larger than life personality? Sacrifice? Empathy? Overwhelming urge to do something(5)? Humility and will (3)?

It seems like there are many necessary conditions and no one knows which conditions are sufficient.

(1) N R Narayana Murthy “A true leader is one who leads by example and sacrifices more than anyone else, in his or her pursuit of excellence. It is our vision at Infosys, to create world class leaders who will be at the forefront of business and technology in today’s competitive marketplace. The Infosys’ Leadership Institute has been conceptualized to instill in our employees creativity to bring new ideas to fruition, make transition to new paradigms and embrace change. We believe the Leadership Institute will play an instrumental role in equipping Infoscions to be leaders, contributing to the advancement of the IT industry.”

(2) ISB’s Vision

(3) Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve Jim Collins (HBR Jan 2001)

(4) Why should anyone be led by you? Rob Goffee, Gareth Jones (HBR Jan 2001)

(5) (A new political party set up by young IITians)

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